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Sustainable Suicide Prevention Campaign

Providing Sustainable Support for Suicide Prevention


In 2017, a collective of over 25 Blaine County community members and organizations began working together to prevent suicide and eliminate the stigma of mental health in our community. We are driven by the guiding principles that suicide prevention is a collaborative, community effort, it is an active effort, and that these efforts must be sustainable, inclusive, and focused on building strengths and resilience of individuals and communities.


As part of our education and outreach to bring change, we have been actively presenting “Know the Five Signs” broadly throughout Blaine County, engaging with thousands through teaching how to connect, reach out, inspire hope, and offer help to those in need.


We are reaching out to you today to ask that you join in helping us to reach our goal of raising $5,000.00 towards a matching grant from an anonymous donor. A commitment of at least $100.00 from you today would help us to consistently deliver suicide prevention work here in our beautiful community.


Recently we received generous financial support from Blaine County Commissioners, St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center, and an anonymous matching grant challenge towards funding our first, paid, county-wide suicide prevention facilitator. We are reaching out to our supporters to ask for consideration in helping us raise the additional funds we need for this position and for operational support of our Alliance; to date, this has all been a volunteer effort. By raising these additional funds as a community, we are showing our county leaders that we believe suicide prevention is important, the work the 5B Suicide Prevention Alliance does is vital, and this position should be an on-going county funded position.


Please join us in our efforts to reduce stigma, create common language, connect people to helping resources, and ultimately end suicides in our community.

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